organigramme de la banque de France



We grant all types of credit, namely: Credit repurchase whether it is Consumer credit repurchase or Home loan repurchase Renewable loan Car loan Motorbike loan Work loan Student loan CAF loan Pawn loan Consumer credit Car credit Motorbike loan Holiday credit Renewable credit Loan Personal Personal Cash Loan Liberal Profession Credit Credit for Retirees Aid Loans Zero Rate Loan (PTZ) Social Accession Loan (PAS) Real Estate Loan Real Estate Loan Real Estate Loan Before Divorce, Condition for Real Estate Loan, Business Real Estate Loan Real Estate Loan Renovation Works Credit mortgage loan Agreed loan Specific loans Loan between individuals Rental with purchase option Tax credit Mini credit - micro credit. Loan between individuals: a quick and easy solution. Whether you are in France, Belgium, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Guyana, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Luembourg etc… and others, all over the world, we offer private loans from € 2,000 to € 5,000,000 to any person or Company desired and able to make a reimbursement with interest at the rate of 2 to 3% on the amount thus requested and over the period you want. Credit between individuals is growing today all over the world and particularly in France since 2014.

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